Below is a simplified version of how the project will flow.  It all starts with a Question and runs through to Resolution.  

1. Identify the Problem

There are thousands of problems facing this nation.  We will focus American creative force on a few problems each semester.  It is our hope that the President of the United States will suggest three or four problems each semester.  Then the participating teachers and students will choose one problem to work on.

2. Research and Writing Proposals

After choosing a problem the student/s research all aspects of the problem. They share resources and their findings with other in their group. College student volunteers and concerned organizations mentor the students groups. After open discussions, class groups begin formulating written arugements for some specific solutions.

3. Review and Consolidation of Proposals

Many proposals will have common threads and it will now be the time for competing solutions to look for commonalities and work to reach consensus on a “best” solution. Depending on the number of groups researching a specific issue, these “proposed solutions” will be shared to the larger universe of all groups working on a problem. Each group will appoint negotiators who will be the spokes person for their solution and work to see if consensus can be reached on the best way forward. Mentors will be working with the group spokes person to achieve a strong workable solution. Young people with face masks back at work in office after coronavirus quarantine and lockdown.

4. Arriving at the Best Solution

All potential solutions will be placed before the classes who had worked on the problem. A vote will be take to see if ONE potential solution can receive a majority of the votes. The legislators who had been mentors for the project will get to work with winning solutions to develop ways to enact the solution. If it is something that requires legislation, the solution will be put into the form of Proposed Legislation and students will work to get their legislators to adopt and support the proposed legislation. If the solution requires changing hearts and minds rather than legislation, sponsors will be sought from the philanthropic organizations to spread the word for such actions as the students feel will help solve the problem.

5. Legislative Action

If legislative action is required or suggested, we will help students get elected leaders, one from each party, to act as mentors  to draw up proposed legislation. After they have their proposed legislation the organization will rally the students, teachers and parents to act as lobbies to get the legislation passed at the appropriate level: Federal, State, or local level.

6. Results will be kept of all proposed solutions and shared with national and local leaders.

With the conclusion of this round of research and action, a new set of questions will be posed to students and the process repeated. At some stage, it would be expected to take the project global and enlist student from all nations to take action in working to get their governments to work for the people.